The alcohol they REALLY drank in Europe in the Middle Ages (class handout)

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From Li Livres dou Santé by Aldobrandino of Siena (France, late 13th century).

What they REALLY drank 2015

Medieval Brewing: The alcohol they REALLY drank in Europe in the Middle Ages

Class handout

Mistress Sorcha Crowe

Mka Elspeth Payne




 Wine (assumed grape)

  • pyment

‘Country’ wine (other fruit)

Beer vs. Ale

  • Braggot
  • Mulled ale
  • Butterbeer
  • Gruit

Scandinavian beers

Estonia: Sahti

Estonia: Koduõlu (home beer)

Lithuania: Kaimiskas alus

Lithuania: šviesus/tamsus/juodas/fitruotas/nefitruotas

Norway: maltøl, bayer, juleøl, bokkøl (bockbier), pilsner (Plzeň)

Sweden: lättӧl, stankӧl, folkӧl (by strength)


  • Cyser
  • Pery or perry



  • Honey jack
  • Apple jack
  • Kvass (period??)


  • Acerglyn (maple)
  • Black mead (currants)
  • Bochet
  • Bochetomel (bochet with fruit)
  • Chouchenn (Brittany)
  • Czwórniak (Poland)
  • Dwójniak (Poland)
  • Gverc (Croatia)
  • Hydromel
  • Medica (Slovenia)
  • Medovina (Croatia)
  • Medovukha (East Slavic)
  • Melomel (fruit)
  • Metheglin (herbs and spices)
  • Midus (Lithuania)
  • Mӧdu (Estonia)
  • Morat (blackberries or mulberries)
  • Mulsum (technically not a true mead; strong wine with honey added)
  • Myod (Russian)
  • Omphacomel (verjuice)
  • Oxymel (wine vinegar)
  • Półtorak (Poland)
  • Quick mead
  • Rhodamel(i) (roses)
  • Sack (very sweet)
  • Sima (Finland)
  • Trójniak (Poland)
  • White mead


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Everyone’s first secondary source: A Sip Through Time, by Cindy Renfrow, 1997.

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