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head and shoulders of Martyn Cornell
head and shoulders of Martyn Cornell
round pendant with three enamel ravens in 7th century Anglo-Saxon gold

Maybe, maybe not: Beer, Ale, Mead and Wine in Anglo-Saxon England

Beowulf, Bede, Aelfric’s Colloquy – in Anglo-Saxon, there are four words for fermented beverages, and lots and lots of descriptions of what happens when one drinks too much.  The four [..]

clear mug with light beer and a lot of head

Historical fermented beverages

 JoAnna Carrozzino asked me to write a post about the kinds of period beer.  Historical fermented beverage types…funny you should ask…I just whipped off a couple of very quick paper topics to [..]

a grassy field bordered by many canvas tents

Books for Brewers: Historical Brewing Secondary Sources

Most recently updated Aug. 18. 2015 Here is my list of historical brewing secondary sources; the references I reach for regularly.  I’ve already posted my personal list of primary sources [..]

Medieval book from Yale Law Library
a long line of large oak beer barrels on their side, three deep
From Li Livres dou Santé by Aldobrandino of Siena (France, late 13th century).