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Medieval brewing recipes are found in memoirs, cookbooks, household management manuals, all sorts of places

Medieval Brewing Recipes: Find the Sources

It’s amazing to me how many brewers ask me where to find medieval brewing recipes for beer, mead, whatever . Let’s start with some basics. When you’re looking for documentable [..]

"Bumper sticker that says Relax, Don't Worry, Have a Homebrew!"

How I got started in homebrewing

January 2012- my nephew tells me there’s not enough personal in this story, that it would be more interesting if I let you all see a little more of me [..]

Brewers’ Roundtable at this weekend’s event

For you medievalists who might be able to actually attend, and all you crazy brewers who like getting together with other brewers to see what’s shakin’, may I recommend this [..]

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three mason jars with cordials

Is making a cordial really brewing?

Making cordials is often lumped in with brewing.  Should it be?  Is making a cordial, with modern restrictions and requirements, really a brewing activity?  Why do people make cordials, anyway? [..]