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Cherry Pyment

This has taken two silver medals so far this season (Merrimack valley Homebrew Competition and Meadlennium in Florida) and just helped me win the coveted title at the SCA event known as the Baronial [..]

A golden glass of mead

Mead: King Arthur’s Own

This is another recipe from the gotmead.com site, which if you make meads you should probably know about.  It’s very pleasant, and with enough malt that I’d call it a braggot, [..]

MIddle-of-the-road Braggot Recipe

This is from http://byo.com/feature/875.html.  It looks like a reasonable, basic, extract-based braggot recipe for those who maybe aren’t up to whole grain or aren’t sure about braggots.  See, I think the [..]

Rose Hip or Claymore’s mead

 This is from the GotMead.com website.  If you like to make mead and you don’t know that site, you should.  I find the recipes uneven, but the community’s really helpful.  [..]

rosemary bush

Ginger Rosemary Lime Mead

 I have made this and found it to be light and very pleasant with dinner on a hot summer night.  That said, it is too light and not apparently sweet enough [..]

3 maple leaves

Mead with Maple: AcerMead

An acerglyn is a maple syrup-honey combination mead. Don’t you just love the old, arcane vocabulary of meads?  I have a batch of this, without the spices, in the bottle aging. I [..]

Mycenean gold goblet

Peach Cordial

     My nephew Ross has been making cordials since college, but just recently knocked my socks off with this one and the Cranberry Cordial also on this site. Have you tried [..]

Mycenean gold goblet

Cranberry Cordial

Have you tried this? Made it, tasted it?  What did you think?      16 oz. cranberries      1/2 peel lemon, scraped      1/4 peel orange, scraped      1.5 c vodka [..]

carved drinking horn

Golden Braggot

 This recipe is based on Ken Schramm’s “Don’t Cry For Me Spargentina” recipe, in The Compleat Meadmaker. The name reminds me to get a sense of humor sometimes, but the recipe is [..]

English Mild Ale

This man is one of the best to-style brewers I’ve ever met.  Posted by: “Carl Swan” tcni.java.jedi@gmail.com lordseamus@ymail.com …In that case, my basic English Mild Ale recipe is: 5lbs pale liquid [..]