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Medieval brewing recipes are found in memoirs, cookbooks, household management manuals, all sorts of places

Medieval Brewing Recipes: Find the Sources

It’s amazing to me how many brewers ask me where to find medieval brewing recipes for beer, mead, whatever . Let’s start with some basics. When you’re looking for documentable [..]

Cover of The Goodman of Paris, showing a medieval man and his wife and a servant
head and shoulders of Martyn Cornell
head and shoulders of Martyn Cornell
corner of the tenth-century manuscript of the Book of Taliesin in Middle Welsh

Taliesin on Mead

The Book of Taliesin is a late Middle Welsh version of the ales of Gwion Bach and Taliesin, mostly around the court of Maelgyn Gynedd.  It was written in the 1550s, the same [..]

Medieval man writing on a stand

Can you answer this riddle?

 Can you answer this riddle? I am man’s treasure, taken from the woods, Cliff-sides, hill-slopes, valleys, downs; By day wings bear me in the buzzing air, Slip me under a [..]

Brewers’ Roundtable at this weekend’s event

For you medievalists who might be able to actually attend, and all you crazy brewers who like getting together with other brewers to see what’s shakin’, may I recommend this [..]

a grassy field bordered by many canvas tents

Books for Brewers: Historical Brewing Secondary Sources

Most recently updated Aug. 18. 2015 Here is my list of historical brewing secondary sources; the references I reach for regularly.  I’ve already posted my personal list of primary sources [..]

Medieval book from Yale Law Library