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Ale With Honey Historical documentation

Ale With Honey Historical documentation

At historical competitions, I provide two sets of documentation, 2-3 copies of each (assuming our usual three judges per category).  There is the executive summary, less than one page long: this document is an Executive Summary.  Then I will also bring the full documentation, with notes on everything from bottling to […]

Valeria's English Barleywine

Valeria’s English Barleywine

 I got this recipe from professional brewer Karen Lassiter at Boscos Nashville Brewing Company.  I know her from historic enactment, where we call her Valeria. She writes: Here’s a barley wine recipe. Notice I say “a” recipe and not “the” recipe. I am constantly tweaking my recipes, so what I […]

Sartakh's Wit

Sartakh’s Wit

 I have this recipe from John Alexander, in California, affectionately known to some as Sartakh. He prefers to avoid American hops that begin with ‘C’.  Sartakh’s Wit …you were wanting the recipe I used for the Wit.. Here we go… 5 gallons: Grist: 4 lbs Belgian Pilsner malt (domestic 2-row would be […]

Misha's Wittebrew

Misha’s Wittebrew

Misha Suggs makes this absolutely crisp, slightly citrusy Witte that he has trouble keeping in stock.  I am not usually a big wittebier fan, but I love this one. 72 Wittebrew 5.5 lbs Pilsner Malt Misha Suggs 5 lbs Flaked Wheat 1 lb Munich Malt 1.2 oz Vanguard Hop Pellets (4.4%AA)(60 […]