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The first time Hops met Beer

If you’re interested, the first documented instance of hop cultivation is in 736 in the Hallertau region of modern Germany.  The first mention of using hops in brewing in Germany [..]

Hops Arrive in England: 1526?

According to The Timetables of History (almost as good as the Guinness Book for leafing through), hops were introduced to England from Artois in 1526.  There’s a story there – [..]

Elspeth enjoying a glass of wine after a hard evening's illumination

The gateway to beer: Braggots (oh how I love them)

It’s a pretty well known phenomenon.  There is far more out there asking whether women can like beer than there is about beer for women.  There are more women who [..]

Making beers to welcome the cast of The Hobbit home

I was joking online with bccmee, who runs a website, fan video site,  YouTube channel, and more about the actor Richard Armitage, who’s playing Thorin Oakenshield in the upcoming The [..]

several carboys with different colored liquids, sealed with airlocks