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rosemary bush

Ginger Rosemary Lime Mead

 I have made this and found it to be light and very pleasant with dinner on a hot summer night.  That said, it is too light and not apparently sweet enough [..]

several carboys with different colored liquids, sealed with airlocks

Isabelle’s Belgian Wit

My historic enactment friend Lady Isabelle Henry gave me this recipe for a refreshing, crisp Wittebier. Bring 6 gallons of water to boil. Remove from heat. Add 6.6 pounds 40% [..]

Mycenean gold goblet

Middle Eastern Metheglin

This recipe is my own invention. I had mesquite honey, and was trying to match it with complimentary spices; it happened to correspond with teaching at a Middle Eastern- themed event.  [..]