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Mycenean gold goblet

Peach Cordial

     My nephew Ross has been making cordials since college, but just recently knocked my socks off with this one and the Cranberry Cordial also on this site. Have you tried [..]

several carboys with different colored liquids, sealed with airlocks

Isabelle’s Belgian Wit

My historic enactment friend Lady Isabelle Henry gave me this recipe for a refreshing, crisp Wittebier. Bring 6 gallons of water to boil. Remove from heat. Add 6.6 pounds 40% [..]

Cordial glass with golden liquid

Spiced Honey Walnut Cordial

What to do with a lot of brandy-soaked toasted English walnuts?  Let’s see…make butter brickle candy and coat it with dark chocolate, that’s what! Have you tried this? Made it, [..]

Mycenean gold goblet

Middle Eastern Metheglin

This recipe is my own invention. I had mesquite honey, and was trying to match it with complimentary spices; it happened to correspond with teaching at a Middle Eastern- themed event.  [..]