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clear mug with light beer and a lot of head

Historical fermented beverages

 JoAnna Carrozzino asked me to write a post about the kinds of period beer.  Historical fermented beverage types…funny you should ask…I just whipped off a couple of very quick paper topics to [..]

Elspeth enjoying a glass of wine after a hard evening's illumination

The gateway to beer: Braggots (oh how I love them)

It’s a pretty well known phenomenon.  There is far more out there asking whether women can like beer than there is about beer for women.  There are more women who [..]

Ale With Honey Historical documentation

At historical competitions, I provide two sets of documentation, 2-3 copies of each (assuming our usual three judges per category).  There is the executive summary, less than one page long: this [..]

Mead additives

Honey Handling and Mead Additives – another forum discussion  From http://byo.com/feature/875.html Your aim in preparing the must and in the fermentation of honey should be to retain as much of [..]

Mycenean gold goblet

Killer Bee Braggot (Dark or Hefty Braggot)

     This is one of my favorite recipes.  It takes about ten months to age and holds well.  Killer bee honey is dark, complex, very caramel-y – not like anything [..]