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head and shoulders of Martyn Cornell
head and shoulders of Martyn Cornell
round pendant with three enamel ravens in 7th century Anglo-Saxon gold

Maybe, maybe not: Beer, Ale, Mead and Wine in Anglo-Saxon England

Beowulf, Bede, Aelfric’s Colloquy – in Anglo-Saxon, there are four words for fermented beverages, and lots and lots of descriptions of what happens when one drinks too much.  The four [..]

clear mug with light beer and a lot of head

Historical fermented beverages

 JoAnna Carrozzino asked me to write a post about the kinds of period beer.  Historical fermented beverage types…funny you should ask…I just whipped off a couple of very quick paper topics to [..]

The first time Hops met Beer

If you’re interested, the first documented instance of hop cultivation is in 736 in the Hallertau region of modern Germany.  The first mention of using hops in brewing in Germany [..]

Hops Arrive in England: 1526?

According to The Timetables of History (almost as good as the Guinness Book for leafing through), hops were introduced to England from Artois in 1526.  There’s a story there – [..]

Brewers’ Roundtable at this weekend’s event

For you medievalists who might be able to actually attend, and all you crazy brewers who like getting together with other brewers to see what’s shakin’, may I recommend this [..]


The Hobbit: beer, ale, mead and wine references in the text

What did the thirteen  dwarves, Gandalf, and Mr. Bilbo Baggins drink in The Hobbit?  Here are the references to beer, ale, porter, mead and wine.  I am seeing ever more [..]

a grassy field bordered by many canvas tents

Making beers to welcome the cast of The Hobbit home

I was joking online with bccmee, who runs a website, fan video site,  YouTube channel, and more about the actor Richard Armitage, who’s playing Thorin Oakenshield in the upcoming The [..]

From Li Livres dou Santé by Aldobrandino of Siena (France, late 13th century).

Mead additives

Honey Handling and Mead Additives – another forum discussion  From http://byo.com/feature/875.html Your aim in preparing the must and in the fermentation of honey should be to retain as much of [..]