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 Posted by on April 22, 2013
Canberra, 2011

Welcome to my site.  Come in, rest your face and hands. This is the home of Beauty in Beer and Finding the Words.

I started this site to help medievalist brewers be better at it – at brewing and being medieval, both.

Beauty in Beer:  posts for home brewers and craft beer lovers, modern and ancient – what’s going on, what I’m doing, what cool brewing-researchy thing I’ve discovered lately. This site isn’t where you’ll find current events in your area. I use brewing history as a way to glimpse how people used to live, breathe, and brew.  They’ve done the darnedest things for beer – have you seen the Nottingham Caves?

You’ll also find categories here for both medieval and modern events and recipes, plus hopefully explanatory articles on the science and practice of brewing, interesting stories about what people do or have done, special projects by craft breweries, interviews and accounts of interesting beers and brewers.  Sometimes I get up a rant about someone else’s super-sloppy research; I mean, if I can tell it’s rubbish it’s got to be really bad. Use Categories to help get around if you’re looking for something general.

Finding the Words: writing and publications of my own, and some pieces by other folks that I think are just too cool not to share (with permission).  Finding my words again has been a huge struggle since I was hit by a bus in 2006, and I measure recovery by my vocabulary’s availability.  I have long been a writer and lecturer.  Now I’m a writer who wanders the labyrinthine paths in my brain with a lantern, trying to get what’s inside out.

Education:  Higher Ed is still a  route to a middle class American life, which is a great way to live.  My role, my family’s role; I don’t spend as much time in this section as I’d like.

So, welcome. Have a look around. Ask questions, search for favorites, whatever tickles your fancy. You’re welcome at my website.

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  1. At the Green Lion Bay event I mentioned new findings about the health benefits of mead.
    This links to one article:

  2. Hi elspeth was talking to you at the conference Have you a twitter account

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