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A lot of Y! repeated over and over

Yahoo! email revamp still stuck in Stone Age

By now there’s been plenty of media coverage of the technical and public relations disaster that is the new Yahoo! email.  Under the guise of a makeover, Yahoo! gutted their [..]

corner of the tenth-century manuscript of the Book of Taliesin in Middle Welsh

Taliesin on Mead

The Book of Taliesin is a late Middle Welsh version of the ales of Gwion Bach and Taliesin, mostly around the court of Maelgyn Gynedd.  It was written in the 1550s, the same [..]

Three Baccarat glasses in different sizes

Etiquette of drinking when you’re with someone in AA

Thanksgiving was lovely, thank you for asking.  Thinking over it, there is something I’ve never quite settled with myself comfortably.  My aunt, who hosted, has been in AA successfully for so [..]

woman having honey poured on her face

Giving Thanks for Homebrewing, 2012

I have tons and tons to be grateful for – but why am I grateful for homebrewing?  Some thoughts, not in any particular order: I’m grateful for almost all the people [..]

Barley standing n the field will become malt

Thor Ewing shares a riddle

Historical Storyteller Thor Ewing posted this on his website back in 2002 – another supposedly from the Exeter Book, originally in Anglo-Saxon.  I’m beginning to think its riddles are infinite, [..]