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Elspeth Payne’s Publications  Here is a list of many of the articles I’ve published, and links to some that I can share on this site.  I didn’t keep close records for a long time, so there are definitely gaps here, especially back in the late 90s when I was writing magazine articles on martial arts and sports physiology.   Some of the missing in action: I know I published with Gymnastics USA, and I’m pretty sure I had more articles published in Windy City Sports and Rocky Mountain Sports and Fitness, which published its last issue in 2009.   There was a great year when I followed the US Olympic Women’s Judo Team around before the Atlanta Olympics in ’96, and not everything I wrote about their Journey to Atlanta is here.

This list purposely does not include countless class handouts, bibliographies, curriculum designs, growth plans, project plans, business proposals, technical manuals, or department guides I’ve assembled through the years (never mind the RFP responses).  However, this will give you some idea of my narrative work.

Many of Black Belt’s articles are archived through Google Books.  You can find several of my articles there under my formerly married name, Elspeth Scharf.  To purchase copies of old SCA publications such as Tournaments Illuminated or Compleat Anachronist, go to

Currently in progress:

  • “Patron Saints of Brewing” for Tournaments Illuminated
  • “How to Pack the Wine You Bought in Your Luggage”  guest blog post for Zephyr Adventures

Recently Published:

  • “Casks, Kegs, and Other Brewing Measurements in Medieval England”, The Compleat Anachronist, Issue #164, Second Quarter 2014. Available by subscription or at
  • “Harpoon Brewery: Various and the Four Saisons’ blog post picked up by Brewdad Update, November 2013
  • “How to Look Like an Alchemist in Three Easy Lessons” for Renaissance Magazine, Aug/Sept. 2013 Vol 18 #4 issue #92
  • Two-Row vs. Six-Row Barley” for Zymurgy magazine, published in the May/June Online Extra (appears in table of contents of print magazine)
  • “Wine Tasting 101”, Guest blog post for Zephyr Adventures, Nov. 8, 2012
  • Guest Contributor, Quest article: “Daytime Shelter At Events”, Tournaments Illuminated, Issue 184, Fourth Quarter 2012
  • “Anglica Brewtannica Part II: From Carboy to Quaffing” in Tournaments Illuminated, Issue 183, Third Quarter 2012
  • Intoxicating Beverages in the Middle East monograph in Compleat Anachronist, #157,  3rd Quarter 2012
  • Making Medieval Cordials” in Renaissance Magazine  issue #86 (substantially different from the article by the same name I published in Tournaments Illuminated)
  •  Anglica Brewtannica Part I: Strike to Carboy” in Tournaments Illuminated second quarter 2012, issue 182.
  • Origins Of Mead monograph, The Compleat Anachronist, Issue 141, Fourth Quarter 2008
  • Things That Go Boom In The Night“, Tournaments Illuminated, Issue 175, Third Quarter, 2010
  • Cordially Yours“, Tournaments Illuminated, Issue 179, Third Quarter 2011

Academic Papers and Conferences:

The 1990’s magazine articles I kept copies of – many published under my formerly married name (listed).  Many of the Black Belt articles are available in their online archives.

  • ” Brooks Defends Title at Sabaki Challenge”, Black Belt, February 1997
  • “Controlled Aggression: These American women are flipping over the sport of judo”, Heartland USA, January/February 1997
  • “Meet the 1996 U.S. Olympic Judo Team”, Black Belt, September 1996
  • “Olympians Tune Up At U.S. Judo Nationals”, Black Belt, August 1996
  • “A Shiatsu Tradition”, Massage, Issue 60 march/April 1996 (under Elspeth Scharf)
  • “Injuries:  Tips to Shorten Your Injury Recovery Time”, MA Training, March 1996 (as Elspeth Scharf, LMT)
  • “Spring Into Fall”, Rocky Mountain Sports, October 1995 (as Elspeth Scharf, ICMT)
  • “Ice It! Recognizing Minor injuries and What To Do About Them”, Rocky Mountain Sports, August 1995 (as Elspeth Scharf, LMT)
  • “Stretching out: Taking a few extra minutes can make a big difference”, Windy City Sports, July 1995 (as Elspeth Scharf)
  • “Ice It!  Recognizing Minor Injuries and What to Do About Them”, The Woman’s Journal, June 1995 (as Elspeth Scharf, LMT)
  • “What is a sprain?  The physiology of minor injuries”, Windy City Sports, May 1995 (as Elspeth Scharf)
  • “Using ice and heat: Recognizing and treating minor injuries”, Windy City Sports, April 1995 (as Elspeth Scharf)

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  2. ahhh stuck fermentation. My old advoisr used to say No matter how controlled the experiment, the bugs do what they damned well please. I hate how right he was sometimes. My friend made some mead a little while back and it tasted horrible .so I worked some chemistry on it and pulled out the key ingredient of Alcohol, and I’m planning on steeping either some honey or a full comb in a small bottle of it to see what happens. Love the blog, and will definitely keep checking back!

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