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Power and Persona: Constructing an Online Voice for Professionals

Joyce Johnston is an internationally recognized presenter on digital rights, online curriculum and pedagogy.  A professor at George Mason University, she also is a National Board high school teacher.  I [..]

human skeleton from chin to hips

Sometimes students really get it

I used to teach Anatomy and Physiology – a twelve-month long, three hour a week course, half anatomy, half physiology.  A&P has a deadly reputation for difficulty and tedium that it [..]

photo from a video of Dr. M. Carr Payne talking about Georgia Tech

Dr. M. Carr Payne on Georgia Tech

My Uncle Carr is a retired professor emeritus from the School of Psychology at Georgia Tech.  He was one of the original four professors when the School of Psychology was [..]

Southern Prose and Poetry for Schools

The year is 1910.  The southeastern U.S. is still recovering from the Civil war, which devastated the region though it ended years before.  Edwin Mims and my great-grandfather Bruce Payne [..]

Educating Girls in 1887: Grow To Your Full Height

This is my great-grandmother’s view on educating girls, from 1892.  She was sweeter about this than I ever could have been. Funny thing; I’m very much living her vision.  Mary [..]

Textiles fabrics and dress 1946 edition

Textiles Guru: Elizabeth Tarpley

Elizabeth Tarpley was a textiles expert of the early 20th century, and a woman who knew her own mind.  She taught what was then called Home Economics at the University [..]