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SCA Device of Sorcha Crowe

Storvik baronial armsThe Barony of Storvik in the Kingdom of Atlantia…/sca-resume-sorcha-crowe-08042015

SCA Device of Sorcha Crowe

Azure, a sun argent eclipsed azure within a bordure argent semy of crows azure. (October 2009)

Sorcha Crowe

MKA Elspeth Payne

Kingdom of Atlantia, Barony of Storvik

August 4, 2015

AKA Sorcha Preachain, Sorcha Prechan, Sorcha na Preachain

We have so much fun doing this that it didn’t occur to me to start tracking my activity until I’d been playing in the SCA for quite a few years. A lot of this is from memory and I may have dates wrong, or missing events and activities. Any such errors are entirely my own.

Atlantian Awards and Kingdom Recognition

June 2015 Deputy Minister of Arts and Sciences in Brewing  Atlantia
9/14/2013 Order of the Laurel Storvik Baronial Birthday and Investiture (Storvik and Lochmere) Amon and Ysabella
9/18/2010 to


Territorial Baroness (Atlantia) (Storvik) Storvik Baronial Birthday and Investiture (Storvik) Jason II and Gerhild II
10/17/2009 Companion of the Pearl (Atlantia) Dun Carraig Baronial Birthday and Investiture (Dun Carraig) Vlad I and Kalisa I
6/20/2009 Companion of the Coral Branch (Atlantia) Storvik Novice and Unbelt Tourney & Dun Carraig Challenge of the Heart (Storvik) Logan VI and Esa I
3/7/2009 to


Royal Brewer Kingdom Arts and Science Festival
3/7/2009 Companion of the Owl (Atlantia) (Storvik) Kingdom Arts and Science Festival (Bright Hills) Rorik and Janina
7/12/2008 Award of Arms (Atlantia) Storvik Novice and Unbelt Tourney: A Festival Of Birds (Storvik) Sinclair I and Kari I
6/21/2008 Baronial Award of Excellence (Atlantia) (Bright Hills) Kingdom Archery Championship (Bright Hills) Martelle


Brewing Events

 In Atlantia we strive to have three judges at every brewing competition – two Guild master-level judges (or very experienced ones) and one more.

 From somewhere around late 2008 until early 2015 I functioned as the Brewers Guild University coordinator, ascertaining which Universities will allow us to talk about alcohol (increasingly few) and putting together tracks of brewing classes for them.


C= Competitor
S= Event Steward
O = Organizer
J =  Judge
P = Participant
T = Teacher

9/2015 Host honey tasting and brewers’ roundtable O, T, P
6/2015 Became Deputy Minister of Arts and Sciences for Brewing P
4 24-26/2015 Gemütlichplatz 2 P, T
3/28/2015 First Annual Woodside Priory Cup at Tir-y-Don’s Baronial Birthday P
3/27/2015 Kingdom Arts and Sciences  Royal Brewer Competition J
2014 Redesigned and launched Atlantia Brewers’ Guild website; continue maintenance O
8/2013 Interkingdom Brewers Guild: Triple Master – first in Atlantia since 1993 C
6/2013 Highland River Melees: Competed one last time in Baronial Brewer Smackdown and judged Populace competition. C, J
10/2012 Organize Brewing A&S demos and classes, War of the Wings O
9/2012 Won Trial By Fire Historical Brewing Competition C
8/2012 Pennsic:  Earned Mastery level with Interkingdom Brewers Guild in Mead/Wine and Cordials; one high score away from Masters level in Beer/Ale C, S
8/2012 Pennsic: Helped coordinate (with Master Siegfried Sebastian von Faust, whose idea it was) alcoholic beverages for Queen’s Tea and Atlantia Social; brought four coolers of contributions from various experienced brewers O, P
6/2012 Highland River Melees: won Baronial Brewing Smackdown and judged populace comp. P, C, J
5/2012 Judged Royal Brewer’s hosted competition, Ruby Joust J
3/2012 Autocrat, Storvik Performers’ Revel O
2/2012 Kingdom Arts and Sciences designated judge for KMoAS J, S
1/2012 Aethelmearc Twelfth Night brewer’s choice winner C
8/2011 Interkingdom Brewers Guild competition at Pennsic C
6/2011 Highland River Melees: Won Baronial Brewer Smackdown and judged Populace competition. C, J
2/2011 Kingdom Arts and Sciences C
2/2011 Autocrat, Storvik Performers’ Revel O
4/2011 Mead Workshop at my home O
10/2010 Bright Hills Treaty of Troyes Baronial Brewer competition J
9/2010 Relinquished Brewers Guild Mastery and apprenticeship at Baronial Investiture
10/2012 Organize Brewing A&S demos and classes, War of the Wings O
9/2012 Won Trial By Fire Historical Brewing Competition C
8/2010 Interkingdom Brewers Guild competition at Pennsic S
3/2010 A Day In the Middle East  J, T
3/2010 Kingdom Arts and Sciences O, T
2/2010 Bright Hills brewing competition J
1/2010 Lochmere Midwinter Revel O, J
10/2009 Dun Carraig Investiture non-alcoholic brewing competition O, J
9/2009 Lochmere Baronial Birthday brewing competition J
6/2009 Fellow of Atlantia University
6/2009 Deputy Autocrat, Storvik Novice Tournament O
5/2009 Sapphire Joust competition O, J
4/2009 Isenfyr/Red Mountain Brewers Guild group brewing day P
3/2009 A Day In the Middle East J, P
3/2009 Interkingdom Brewers Guild competition at Gulf Wars (sent entries) C
3/2009 Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition:  Atlantia’s Royal Brewer; organized Atlantia Brewers’ Guild display C, O, P
2/2009 Apprenticed to Mistress Minowara Kiritsubo (deceased) P
10/2008 Storvik Baronial Birthday mead competition O, J
9/2008 Head Troll, Deputy Autocrat, Storvik Baronial Birthday O
9/2008 Bright Hills Brewers Guild competition O, J
8/2008 Interkingdom Brewers Guild at Pennsic C, S
7/2008 Ponte Alto Baronial Archery Champion (1 year) P
6/2008 Deputy Autocrat, Kingdom Archery Competition O
5/2008 Sapphire Joust competition C
~2008 Guildmistress, Atlantia Brewers Guild P
3/2008 Kingdom Arts and Sciences brewing competition C
2/2008 Began supervising Atlantia Brewers Guild website P
1/2008 Interbaronial Twelfth Night brewing competition C
11/2007 Brewing Workshop (meads) at my home O, P
11/2007 Dun Carraig Baronial Brewer Competition O, J
10/2007 Kingdom Crusades Brewing Competition C
8/2007 Interkingdom Brewers Guild competition at Pennsic C


 My memory of which classes I taught in my early years in the SCA is very sketchy and only occasionally documented – all errors here are my own.

Scheduled for 9/12/2015 Honey tasting at Battle on the Bay
6/13/2015 Atlantia Summer University: “Many Brews: All the kindsof brew the Atlantia Brewers Guild makes and gets together to talk about”
2/2015 Atlantia Winter University:  “Medieval Brewing: the Alcohol They Really Drank”
2/2015 Atlantia Winter University: “What do I do in Court, and Who ARE All Those People?”
2/2015 Atlantia Winter University: “More A+S! Let’s Add the Brewers!”
4/2014 Gemütlichplatz 2: “A History of German Beer Laws”
4/2014 Gemütlichplatz 2:  “Germanic Mead Hall Etiquette”
6/2013 Collegium: “Brewing History”
8/2010 Pennsic: “Middle Eastern Brewing”
4/2011 Scottish Moose Tale Collegium: “Brewing in the Middle East”
4/2011 Scottish Moose Tale Collegium: “Cordials”
3/2011 St. Pyr’s Collegium: “Brewing in the Middle East”
3/2011 St. Pyr’s Collegium: “Mead 101”
3/2010 St. Pyr’s Collegium: “Mead 101”
3/2010 St. Pyr’s Collegium: “Origins of Mead”
10/2009 Atlantia University:  “Galen and Medieval Cordials”
10/2009 Atlantia University:  “Brewing 101” (2 hours)
8/2009 Pennsic :  “Origins of Mead” and one other
2/2009 Atlantia Winter University:  “Mead Making 101”
2/2009 Atlantia Winter University:  “Galen’s Medicine”
2/2009 Atlantia Winter University:  “Origins of Mead”
2/2009 Dun Carraig A Day In The Middle East: “Origins of Mead”
1/2009 Lochmere Gathering of the Guilds:  “Origins of Mead”
10/2008 Atlantia University: “Brewing 101”

SCA Publications

 June 2015 Guest Editor with Donal O’Brien: “Quest: Tips for Brewers”, Tournaments Illuminated, Issue 195, Third Quarter 2015

“Quick Mead for Pennsic”, The Drekkar, Barony of Storvik newsletter, A.S. L (June 2015).

Anachronist’s Bookshelf Library Pillars: “Book of Quinte Essences Sloane MS73”, Tournaments Illuminated, Issue 195, Third Quarter 2015

Casks, Kegs, and Other Brewing Measurements in Medieval England, The Compleat Anachronist, Issue 164, Second Quarter 2014.

Contributor, “Quest Article: Daytime Shelter at Events” , Tournaments Illuminated, Issue 184, Fourth Quarter 2012.

Intoxicating Beverages in the Middle East, The Compleat Anachronist. Issue 157, Third Quarter 2012.

“Anglica Brewtannica Vol. 2”, Tournaments Illuminated, Issue 183, Third Quarter 2012.

“Anglica Brewtannica Vol. 1”, Tournaments Illuminated. Issue 182, Second Quarter 2012.

“Cordially Yours”, Tournaments Illuminated, issue 179, Third Quarter 2011

“Things That Go Boom In The Night!”, Tournaments Illuminated, issue 175, Third Quarter 2010

The Origins of Mead, The Compleat Anachronist, Issue 141, Fourth Quarter 2008

“History of Mead” early draft posted on Stefan’s Florilegium website  January 2008

Interkingdom Brewers Guild Results

I am very happy to represent Atlantia as an IKBG Master – I just wish we had more of them! I earned IKBG Master status in 2013. The next most recent Atlantian Master was Rhys Terafan Greydragon, made IKBG Master in 1993!

 You must present a certain number of beverages judged at a certain score level to achieve rank in IKBG.  You may only present two beverages in any category at a time.  I only see them once a year, at Pennsic, so the process to Mastery took me a while. When I go to Pennsic I make special effort to steward at this event, as it is an amazing opportunity to learn from very experienced judges.  See more about IKBG at http://www., which is also a good site for brewing recipes and tips.

Interkingdom Brewing Guild cumulative scores 

Entry Category Score Event
Autumn Spread Braggot Beer 90 Gulf Wars 2013
Hefty Braggot Beer 91 Pennsic 2008
Autumn Spice Braggot Beer 80 Pennsic 2010
Dont Cry for the Spangetine Beer 97 Pennsic 2010
Whiskey Barrel Stout Beer 94 Pennsic 2011
Killer Braggott Beer 98 Pennsic 2011
Apricot Cardamon Cordial Cordials 93 Pennsic 2008
Hypocras Cordials 85 Pennsic 2008
Cordial of Diverse Berries Cordials 91 Pennsic 2010
Spiced Honey Walnut Liqueur Cordials 96 Pennsic 2010
Peach Brandy Cordials 96 Pennsic 2011
Irish Cream Cordials 96 Pennsic 2011
16th Century Sack Mead Wine/Mead 91 Gulf Wars 2009
Methegline Wine/Mead 98 Pennsic 2007
Peach Melomel Wine/Mead 100 Pennsic 2008
Sack Metheglin Wine/Mead 98 Pennsic 2008
Thistle Mead Wine/Mead 96 Pennsic 2010
Orange Coriander Wine/Mead 98 Pennsic 2011
Cherry Pyment Wine/Mead 95 Pennsic 2012
Traditional Sack Wine/Mead 89 Pennsic 2012

Beer Blogging

Beauty in Beer ( or  personal website with Brewing page Listing brewing tips, historical topics, recipes, good bibliographies of historical primary and secondary sources and modern sources,  copies of my own articles and papers, and sometimes upcoming events. Originally intended to help new SCAdian brewers to be better brewers.

I also mundanely judge semi-regularly using BJCP standards, which also comes up from time to time.