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 Posted by on March 3, 2012
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Teacher Perceptions of the Oracle Academy

I wrote my Masters thesis a year after suffering a bad head injury.  I was halfway through my program when the accident occurred; I took a semester off and then got back in the saddle.  Some adaptive software helped a lot.  Mindmanager mapping software and good ol’ EndNotes were tools I absolutely relied on.

This was accepted for presentation at the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education international conference in Quebec that year. My abstract is still in their archives.

I must thank my previous professional position as a Senior Instructor at Oracle Education, Oracle Corp.’s training division, not to mention the staff of the Academy program.  Through them I came to be lead instructor with the Oracle Academy, which, as I explain in my paper, is a high school outreach program.  It became my favorite part of the job – which made me a bit uneasy, since it was a very small part, and not something I was evaluated on.  It made sense to me to ask, finally, whether the high school teachers (from more than 18 countries), who went through rigorous training based on unfamiliar business models and truly daunting testing, actually got anything from it in their professional lives.

Teacher Perceptions of the Oracle Academy Program[1]


Teacher Perceptions of the Oracle Academy abstract AACE Final


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