Brewing Competition results

 Posted by on January 31, 2012

I compete to make myself an all-around better brewer.  I will enter beers, meads, and/or wines, depending on the event.  There are various historical brewing competition results I don’t list here; highlights  of some of my historical brewing achievements are at the bottom of this page.

In 2012, I competed in most events with only two meads.  In 2013, I have competed little, as another hobby was requiring my attention.  That’s done now – 0n to 2014!


40th Annual Cellarmasters Amateur Winemaking Competition

Gold – Tempranillo/Cabernet Sauvignon/Monestrel

Gold – Traminer Spatlese

Silver – Bordeaux Varietals

Clan Cambion Wine Competition

Best in Show, Matador Red

American Homebrewers Association National Competition

Southeastern Region

Gold, Traditional Mead*

Gold, Other Mead (Acerglyn)*

Silver Certificate, Pyment

Silver Certificate, Braggot

Silver Certificate, Metheglin

*Advanced to National Finals

Mazer Cup International Home Mead Competition, Boulder, CO

Bronze, Killer Braggot


39th Annual Cellarmasters U.S. Amateur Winemaking Competition, Los Angeles, CA

Silver, Muller-Thurgau wine

Silver, Cherry Pyment

Bronze, Sweet Traditional Mead

Bronze, Tempranillo wine

Honorable Mention, Riesling wine

Valhalla, The Meading of Life, West Chester, PA

Best in Show, Riesling Pyment

Gold, Cherry Pyment

Gold, Riesling Pyment

Dominion Cup, Richmond, Virginia

Gold, Cherry Pyment

25th Annual Southern California Regional Homebrew Championship

Gold, Traditional Mead

Oregon Homebrew Festival

Gold,  Traditional Mead

Mayfaire Homebrew Competition,  Woodland Hills, California

Silver, Traditional Mead

Merrimack Valley Homebrew Competition, New York

Silver, Cherry Pyment

Meadlennium, Florida

Silver, Cherry Pyment

Oregon State Fair, Salem, OR

Silver, Traditional Mead

Bronze,  Cherry Pyment

11th Annual Blues and Brews Festival, Westford, MA

Bronze, Traditional Mead

(2012’s prize winning traditional mead was made with prize honey from Deaton’s Farm in Mississippi, courtesy of winning Best in Show at the 2011 Bluff City Brewers Annual Competition)


American Homebrewers Association National Competition

Eastern region

Gold – Metheglin*

Silver – Traditional mead*

Bronze – Open category

*Advanced to national finals

Mazer Cup International Mead Competition

Bronze, Traditional Mead

Kona Brewers, Kailua Kona, HI

Gold, Traditional Mead

Bronze, Other Mead

Wine Maker International Amateur Competition

Gold – Traditional Mead

Gold – Metheglin

Silver – Muller Thurgau wine

Silver – Open category

Bronze – Riesling wine

Bluff City Brewers Annual Competition, Memphis, TN

Best Mead In Show

Gold, Traditional Mead

Gold, Melomel

Gold, Other Mead

Silver, Other Mead

Domras Cup, Savannah, Georgia

Gold, Traditional Mead

Silver, Metheglin

Bronze, Metheglin

Bronze, Open Mead category

Coconut Cup, Florida

Bronze, Traditional Mead


 AHA National Homebrew Competition

Eastern region:

Silver – Metheglin

Silver – Sweet Mead*

Bronze – Braggot

Bronze – Pyment

*Advanced to National Finals


 AHA National Homebrew Competition

Eastern region:

Silver – Other Fruit Melomel*

Gold – Metheglin*

*Advanced to National Finals

Society for Creative Anachronism: proud to have been Atlantia Royal Brewer 2008-2009

In April 2014, the Shire of Isenfyr will host Gemutlichplatz, a collegium on medieval German beers.  I will teach and take as many classes as possible.

In September 2013, I was made a member of the Order of the Laurel in the Kingdom of Atlantia for my brewing.

In August 2013 I was granted triple Master status in the Interkingdom Brewers Guild (in wines/meads, ales/beers, and cordials).  I am proud to be my Kingdom’s first IKBG triple master since Master Terafan Greydragon, who is also Laurel in brewing and has been a triple Master since 1993.  Interkingdom Brewers Guild database is here:  (search on my modern name, Elspeth Payne).

In June 2012, I won the Baronial Brewers Smackdown for the second year in a row, taking home the coveted red leather embroidered glove made by Carolle Cox, aka Lady Gerita.

In January 2012, I helped stage what amounted to an Atlantian takeover of Aethelmearc’s Twelfth Night brewing contest – and ended up winning Beer, Mead, Cordials, and Brewers’ Choice categories.  Eric Knibb, aka Baron Fergus Hanna, took Populace Choice.

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