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Finding beer in Montgomery County, MD: the County as distributor

Which beers can you find in Montgomery County Maryland?  How do you know? Why do we care? Why is finding beer (if you care about which beer) so hard? I’ve lived [..]

Cover of The Goodman of Paris, showing a medieval man and his wife and a servant
tart cherries in a pile

Cherry Blues

It’s going to be a tough year for cherry melomels, cherry wheat beer, cherry lambic, and (sob!) cherry pie. I have a cherry mel in secondary that needs a boost.  [..]

three cider apples on a branch
mug of apple cider with cinnamon stick, with fresh apples behind
glass carboy with airlock, golden liquid and a lot of foam; it's working

Sparkling Ginger Mead

This is a recipe in progress for a sparkling ginger mead.  I’m adding all my thought processes and decisions here.  I’m making it for my friend Cynthia, unless she tells [..]

A pile of apples, each different from the other

Hard Cider Apples

News flash for some folks: you can make apple juice from any apple, but you can’t make good hard cider – I mean the fermented stuff – from just anything. [..]

Gruit recipe from BaltiBrew

Baltimore Brew Festival hosted a Gruit Ale competition last night.  I asked whether they would post their recipes on their website – don’t have an answer yet.  One of the [..]

Cover of Brooklyn BrewShop Beer Making Book

Brooklyn BrewShop brews one gallon batches of beer

Brooklyn BrewShop’s Beer Making Book is my latest find in the domain of beer brewing.  I’ve added it to my Basic Brewers Books list.  It’s designed for folks who a) [..]

White House Honey Porter and Honey Ale

The White House has finally released the recipes for President Obama’s Honey Porter and Honey Ale, made with honey from the beehives on the South Lawn.  The White House is [..]