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German postage stamp celebrating the Reinheitsgebot

Before the Reinheitsgebot, the Statuta Thaberna

Contrary to what you may believe, the Reinheitsgebot, the famous German beer purity law, was no trailblazer.  Almost thirty years earlier there was the Statuta Thaberna in Thuringia (see map).  [..]

barley malt
beer judge certification program logo
beer judge certification program logo

Make Your Malt

Ever think of making your malt to homebrew with?  Uncertain you can do it?  Sure you can.  You can make your malt and thus have complete control over its roastiness, diastatic power, everything. [..]

beer judge certification program logo
beer judge certification program logo

Starting the BJCP class!

Sometimes fate just calls your bluff.  I’ve been saying for a while now I’d like to take the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) certification – for mead, and maybe beer – [..]

empty shaker pint beer glass

Chicks and Beer: Pint Glasses Are A Problem

Pint glasses suck.  They don’t bring out the best in beer, they hold more than I want at one sitting, and they’re uncomfortable to hold, particularly in a stand-up-all-night kind [..]

three beers matched with cupcakes

How would you pair a chocolate dessert with a beer?

Let us think for a moment about how to pair a chocolate dessert with a beer – or for that matter, any chocolate anything with a beer, though there aren’t [..]

dessert in chocolate sauce and a glass of ale

Favorite examples of a great beer/chocolate pairing

Today’s question for our guest panel is about beer and chocolate pairings.  With the growing number of pairing dinners, where each course is served with the perfectly matched beverage, there [..]