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Cyclops holding a drinking cup aloft
Mycenean gold goblet

Peach Cordial

     My nephew Ross has been making cordials since college, but just recently knocked my socks off with this one and the Cranberry Cordial also on this site. Have you tried [..]

Mycenean gold goblet

Cranberry Cordial

Have you tried this? Made it, tasted it?  What did you think?      16 oz. cranberries      1/2 peel lemon, scraped      1/4 peel orange, scraped      1.5 c vodka [..]

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Golden Braggot

 This recipe is based on Ken Schramm’s “Don’t Cry For Me Spargentina” recipe, in The Compleat Meadmaker. The name reminds me to get a sense of humor sometimes, but the recipe is [..]

English Mild Ale

This man is one of the best to-style brewers I’ve ever met.  Posted by: “Carl Swan” …In that case, my basic English Mild Ale recipe is: 5lbs pale liquid [..]

DogfishHead Midas Touch Clone

I like Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch, which was developed from analysis of the funerary beverage found in King Midas’ tomb (well, it could have been his father’s tomb).  Dr. Patrick [..]

From Li Livres dou Santé by Aldobrandino of Siena (France, late 13th century).
drinking horn

Valeria’s English Barleywine

 I got this recipe from professional brewer Karen Lassiter at Boscos Nashville Brewing Company.  I know her from historic enactment, where we call her Valeria. She writes: Here’s a barley [..]

drawing of carboy in crate

Sartakh’s Wit

 I have this recipe from John Alexander, in California, affectionately known to some as Sartakh. He prefers to avoid American hops that begin with ‘C’.  Sartakh’s Wit …you were wanting the recipe [..]

several carboys with different colored liquids, sealed with airlocks

Isabelle’s Belgian Wit

My historic enactment friend Lady Isabelle Henry gave me this recipe for a refreshing, crisp Wittebier. Bring 6 gallons of water to boil. Remove from heat. Add 6.6 pounds 40% [..]