Modern Events

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Sam Adams hosting Pitch Room Competition

Sam Adams is hosting a national Pitch Room Competition for entrepreneurs who have an idea for a food/beverage/beer related business. The prize is a $10,000 grant and a year’s free coaching. Sam Adams is one helluva business success – in 2013 their “1,122 employees sold 3.4 million barrels of beer […]

Building a homebrewers website (not this one)

I’ve been building a homebrewers website for a club with some special parameters. Since homebrewers’ clubs are sprouting up like mushrooms (do NOT take that as inspiration, the world does NOT need ‘shroom beer) I thought I’d take some time to look at the kinds of decisions made to get this new site […]

Denizens Brewing Co.: finally, a Silver Spring brewpub!

Denizens Brewing Co. in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland is open! This is exciting for several reasons: 1. The next nearest brewpub – a place that serves the beer it makes – is about eleven miles away through some of the worst traffic in the country.  Eleven miles might as well […]

The State of Craft Beer in Ireland

I went to Ireland and checked in on the state of craft beer.  (I suffer so for my art.) I simply had to go to Dublin  this summer.  The European Beer Bloggers Conference was there, and it was a good excuse to go to Ireland, not that I really needed […]

Innis & Gunn launches new oak bottles

Sometimes I just love being a beer blogger.  I get notices like this magically appearing in my inbox, allowing little ol’ me to be on top of the very latest in trends and business momentum.  It’s not like my blog’s all that big or anything, so this is a real […]

Crap Beer Goes Boom!

Things happen when you start to pay attention to beer, particularly the one in your hand.  Take a sip.  Subtle flavors rise, you breathe deep, you say “Aaaaaah!”  Your beer satisfies your thirst and presents you with a whole host of sensory delight.   That’s usually when people start noticing […]

Harpoon Brewery: Various and the Four Saisons

We felt like rock stars. When the Beer Bloggers’ Conference arrived at Harpoon Brewery in Boston this summer, we were quietly ushered away from the rather impressive stream of visitors pouring in for the brewery tour.  Off to the side, inside a small courtyard, were black-clad staff with trays of […]

Ireland, Scotland, and Bloggers, Oh My!

This woman’s first real Irish Guinness is imminent, be prepared for the ground to shake. I’m going to Ireland for a week, my first time there, and then off to Scotland for another longish week, ending at the European Beer Bloggers Conference in Edinburgh.  We’ll be there the same time that the Scottish […]

Bochet Mead (Ever Try Caramelized Honey?)

You can imagine my extreme hesitation at the idea of making a bochet mead. I am a cold-method meadmaker.  I heat water as little as possible to mix with the must, and heat the honey not at all.  the days of pasteurizing my own honey are long past.     Heat drives […]

Run Up to European Beer Bloggers 2013: the Pub Crawl

In about six weeks I’ll be in Edinburgh for three days with more than fifty beer bloggers from the U.K. and across the Continent.  I know, poor, poor, pitiful me.  Just to make matters more so, while we beer bloggers are in Edinburgh, so are the Scottish Real Ale Festival […]

Semper Fi. Why isn’t the Tun Tavern in this year’s Homebrewer conference?

First thing, let me put in a plug for the American Homebrewers Association conference June 27-29 in Philadelphia this summer.  The theme is “Brewing Up a Revolution.”   Just ’cause I can’t go (my other hobby has a command performance) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.  It’ll be amazing, and there will […]


I have only ever run one marathon, and in the cause of full disclosure, I didn’t run all that much of it.  I did complete the whole enchilada, got the medal and everything.  See, I’m a lousy runner.  I don’t expect to ever run in another marathon in this lifetime.  […]