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Harpoon Brewery logo

Harpoon Brewery: Various and the Four Saisons

We felt like rock stars. When the Beer Bloggers’ Conference arrived at Harpoon Brewery in Boston this summer, we were quietly ushered away from the rather impressive stream of visitors [..]

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Ireland, Scotland, and Bloggers, Oh My!

This woman’s first real Irish Guinness is imminent, be prepared for the ground to shake. I’m going to Ireland for a week, my first time there, and then off to Scotland for [..]

Cover of The Goodman of Paris, showing a medieval man and his wife and a servant
Badge for EBBC13, a man with a laptop and glass of beer
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Glass of stout beer

Nov. 8, 2012: National Stout Day

It’s National Stout Day, and since stouts are my favorite style of winter beer I’m going home to heft one tonight.   What I love about stouts:  stouts and porters [..]

Gruit recipe from BaltiBrew

Baltimore Brew Festival hosted a Gruit Ale competition last night.  I asked whether they would post their recipes on their website – don’t have an answer yet.  One of the [..]

clear mug with light beer and a lot of head

Homebrew and the Law

I had the opportunity to review homebrewing laws across the country for a Women in Homebrew event this weekend.  The differences are pretty interesting. Maryland Homebrew, one of my local [..]

Baltimore Beer Week 2012

It’s Baltimore Beer Week!  And there is some homebrewing action, boy howdy! Maryland Homebrew sent out an email with so many events on it that I’m not going to post [..]

Congrats to our local GABF Winners!

The Great American Beer Festival held its awards ceremony today.  DelMarVa-DC was well represented.  Congratulations to our local breweries-done-good!  For those of you who don’t know GABF, it is the [..]

Explore Your Craft in DC with Widmer Bros.

Widmer Brothers Brewery (Portland, OR) and DRAFT magazine have pooled their talents to create a series of beer-art-live-music one-off events around the country called Explore Your Craft.  This year DC [..]