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Cover of The Goodman of Paris, showing a medieval man and his wife and a servant
tart cherries in a pile

Cherry Blues

It’s going to be a tough year for cherry melomels, cherry wheat beer, cherry lambic, and (sob!) cherry pie. I have a cherry mel in secondary that needs a boost.  [..]

glass carboy with airlock, golden liquid and a lot of foam; it's working

Sparkling Ginger Mead

This is a recipe in progress for a sparkling ginger mead.  I’m adding all my thought processes and decisions here.  I’m making it for my friend Cynthia, unless she tells [..]

Marsden Hartley graphic "Handsome Drinks"
Medieval book from Yale Law Library

Cherry Pyment

This has taken two silver medals so far this season (Merrimack valley Homebrew Competition and Meadlennium in Florida) and just helped me win the coveted title at the SCA event known as the Baronial [..]

carboy filled with golden liquid with lots of foam, layer of sediment and an airlock

My cyser needs a Daddy! Or Mommy. Name it! Bragging rights!

What shall I call my very first cyser,  in primary this very morning?  I used a recipe that took a gold in last year’s AHA competition which sounded particularly appealing [..]

Thistle Mead

 When I first got this honey, it tasted like thistle looks – spiny, kind of hairy, very green.  It took a long time to age out (measured in years, not [..]

A golden glass of mead

Mead: King Arthur’s Own

This is another recipe from the site, which if you make meads you should probably know about.  It’s very pleasant, and with enough malt that I’d call it a braggot, [..]

Rose Hip or Claymore’s mead

 This is from the website.  If you like to make mead and you don’t know that site, you should.  I find the recipes uneven, but the community’s really helpful.  [..]

rosemary bush

Ginger Rosemary Lime Mead

 I have made this and found it to be light and very pleasant with dinner on a hot summer night.  That said, it is too light and not apparently sweet enough [..]

3 maple leaves

Mead with Maple: AcerMead

An acerglyn is a maple syrup-honey combination mead. Don’t you just love the old, arcane vocabulary of meads?  I have a batch of this, without the spices, in the bottle aging. I [..]