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tart cherries in a pile

Cherry Blues

It’s going to be a tough year for cherry melomels, cherry wheat beer, cherry lambic, and (sob!) cherry pie. I have a cherry mel in secondary that needs a boost.  [..]

Gruit recipe from BaltiBrew

Baltimore Brew Festival hosted a Gruit Ale competition last night.  I asked whether they would post their recipes on their website – don’t have an answer yet.  One of the [..]

White House Honey Porter and Honey Ale

The White House has finally released the recipes for President Obama’s Honey Porter and Honey Ale, made with honey from the beehives on the South Lawn.  The White House is [..]

Glass of dark beer with light head
Marsden Hartley graphic "Handsome Drinks"
Medieval book from Yale Law Library
Six glasses showing the color range of various beers

Great beer recipes – in Popular Mechanics??

Of all places, Popular Mechanics has some very good beer articles.  One selection of ten basic brewing recipes caught my eye.  Trying to choose ten recipes that provide a decent [..]

English Mild Ale

This man is one of the best to-style brewers I’ve ever met.  Posted by: “Carl Swan” …In that case, my basic English Mild Ale recipe is: 5lbs pale liquid [..]