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Pellicle Quest

One word had escaped the etymology dragnet I’ve set up to write my Anglica Brewtannica series: Pellicle.  How had I missed pellicle?  It sure sounds kinda medieval.  Or like one of T.S. [..]

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Feeding Yeast

Proper yeast nutrition means your brew ferments faster and cleaner, leaving fewer off-flavors that have to age out.  We’ll call that a good thing.  Yeast is a pretty complex little [..]

Starting Yeast

I’m getting to brew a recipe from last year’s American Homebrewer Association’s national competiton – the Underwood’s “Blasphemy at GobblersRoost” (you’ll need an AHA login to view their Homebrewopedia); it’s a [..]

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Anti-cancer properties…in ancient beer?!

Biomolecular archaeological evidence examining ancient Egyptian wine jars (circa 3150 BC) found that ancient beer may have had potent anti-cancer agents: “New biomolecular archaeological evidence backed up by increasingly sophisticated [..]

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Average Sugar Content of Honey

I have checked several scientific studies on the sugar breakdown of honey, both in the US and Europe. Most studies doing original measurement have been very consistent.   Honey is about [..]

Mead fermentation

Recently a new brewer talked to me about fermentation time.  He thought his mead should be finished much more quickly than it was.  When competition judges tasted his mead, the universal [..]