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molecular structure of yeast

A thought on mead nutrients

Honey contains small amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, as well as anti-oxidants, but not enough to make sufficient nutrition for your yeast.  If there is lag time in getting yeast activity [..]

molecular structure of yeast

Sulfites in mead

Sulfite: the goal is to neutralize wild yeasts in your mead must, so that they don’t give you awful off-flavors.  Brewing yeasts are carefully engineered for the way they process the [..]

Brewing 101 Part 6: Syrups and Sekanjubins

From the class notes for Brewing 101, taught in Fall 2008, to people interested in an historical context: Europe before 1600. Syrups and Sekanjubins “Sakanjubins and Oxymels comprise a class of compounds whose [..]

several carboys with different colored liquids, sealed with airlocks
Cyclops holding a drinking cup aloft
picture of dried yeast such as can be used for brewing

Mead additives

Honey Handling and Mead Additives – another forum discussion  From Your aim in preparing the must and in the fermentation of honey should be to retain as much of [..]