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A man smelling the wine in his glass

Enjoying your trip to a winetasting room

So you’re about to walk into a wine tasting room.  Maybe you’ve never been, maybe you’ve done this before but never been quite sure how it’s supposed to go: do [..]

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4 oz bottle Brewers Best peach flavoring
three mason jars with cordials

Is making a cordial really brewing?

Making cordials is often lumped in with brewing.  Should it be?  Is making a cordial, with modern restrictions and requirements, really a brewing activity?  Why do people make cordials, anyway? [..]

carboy filled with golden liquid with lots of foam, layer of sediment and an airlock

Feeding Yeast

Proper yeast nutrition means your brew ferments faster and cleaner, leaving fewer off-flavors that have to age out.  We’ll call that a good thing.  Yeast is a pretty complex little [..]

Starting Yeast

I’m getting to brew a recipe from last year’s American Homebrewer Association’s national competiton – the Underwood’s “Blasphemy at GobblersRoost” (you’ll need an AHA login to view their Homebrewopedia); it’s a [..]

carboy filled with golden liquid with lots of foam, layer of sediment and an airlock

Homebrewing: Things That Go Boom In The Night

src=”×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”209″ height=”300″ />This manuscript was first published in Tournaments Illuminated, a quarterly magazine for medieval enactors.  It appeared in the Third Quarter 2010, Issue 175.  Copies may be ordered [..]

Mead fermentation

Recently a new brewer talked to me about fermentation time.  He thought his mead should be finished much more quickly than it was.  When competition judges tasted his mead, the universal [..]

molecular structure of yeast

Acids in mead

A common flaw in meads is a poor balance between acid and sweetness. You need a little acid to offset the natural sweetness in mead.  Honey is not a high-acid substance [..]