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beer judge certification program logo
beer judge certification program logo

Make Your Malt

Ever think of making your malt to homebrew with?  Uncertain you can do it?  Sure you can.  You can make your malt and thus have complete control over its roastiness, diastatic power, everything. [..]

beer judge certification program logo
beer judge certification program logo

Starting the BJCP class!

Sometimes fate just calls your bluff.  I’ve been saying for a while now I’d like to take the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) certification – for mead, and maybe beer – [..]

two glasses of wine side by side, one red and one white

Aroma and Bouquet in Wine and Beer, and Suggestion for Evaluating Beer

I got into a conversation with Peter Barclay last night on aroma vs. bouquet for wines and beers.   For wines it’s relatively straightforward – well, defining it is; experiencing it [..]

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A man smelling the wine in his glass

Enjoying your trip to a winetasting room

So you’re about to walk into a wine tasting room.  Maybe you’ve never been, maybe you’ve done this before but never been quite sure how it’s supposed to go: do [..]

picture of dried yeast such as can be used for brewing

Safale S-04 a top fermenter or bottom fermenter?

When I wrote about making a sparkling ginger mead using Safale S-04 (Fermentis) ale yeast, Carl Swan quite rightly pointed out that I’d said it was a bottom-fermenter, when traditionally [..]

glass carboy with airlock, golden liquid and a lot of foam; it's working

Sparkling Ginger Mead

This is a recipe in progress for a sparkling ginger mead.  I’m adding all my thought processes and decisions here.  I’m making it for my friend Cynthia, unless she tells [..]

A pile of apples, each different from the other

Hard Cider Apples

News flash for some folks: you can make apple juice from any apple, but you can’t make good hard cider – I mean the fermented stuff – from just anything. [..]