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Roman glass beaker with elaborate glasswork around it

Drink Like A Roman

If you like Roman history, you’ve probably heard they drank wine.  At the high point of the Roman empire’s history of wine, around the first century AD, it has been [..]

Ardagh chalice in silver and gold with much knotwork and some gems

Ancient Law: Ireland, Beer and Mead, Malt and Honey

The Irish were great ones for writing their laws down, and the many existing law-texts, whole or in fragments,  give us enticing glimpses of how things were done as far [..]

Golden bee from Childeric's tomb

Ancient law: Charlemagne and the bees

In Charlemagne’s far-reaching regulation of agriculture, he included bees and their wax and honey.  His Capitularies, circa 794AD, give very specific guidance on estate and farm management, revenue collection for [..]

Nottingham Castle up on Castle Rock, lit at night

Nottingham Cave Brewery Complex

Nottingham has a complex network of brewing caves that used to support a thriving malt export tradeI have recently found pictures of medieval English malt kilns, and have been poking at [..]

barley malt
photo of Karl Hagen seated with a dog
Roger Morse resume picture

Gods of Mead: Roger A. Morse

One of my very first books on mead making was Making Mead (Honey Wine): History, Recipes, Methods and Equipment by (Dr.) Roger A. Morse.  I’ve seen references to his name [..]

Brother Adam, smiling, elderly

Gods of Mead: Have you met Brother Adam?

I first  heard of Brother Adam of Buckfast Abbey in one of my very first mead books – Acton & Douglas, perhaps, or Roger Morse.  he was this mysterious figure, a [..]

Barley standing n the field will become malt

Thor Ewing shares a riddle

Historical Storyteller Thor Ewing posted this on his website back in 2002 – another supposedly from the Exeter Book, originally in Anglo-Saxon.  I’m beginning to think its riddles are infinite, [..]

the Exeter Book

Answer Me This Riddle

The Anglo-Saxons were great riddlers.   An author I genuinely respect, Cindy Renfrow, says this is Riddle 25 from the Exeter Book, or Codex Exoniensis, a tenth century book of [..]

Medieval man writing on a stand

Can you answer this riddle?

 Can you answer this riddle? I am man’s treasure, taken from the woods, Cliff-sides, hill-slopes, valleys, downs; By day wings bear me in the buzzing air, Slip me under a [..]

The first time Hops met Beer

If you’re interested, the first documented instance of hop cultivation is in 736 in the Hallertau region of modern Germany.  The first mention of using hops in brewing in Germany [..]