Malt: Everything a Homebrewer Wants To Know

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In my BJCP class the teacher, Les White, assigned a presentation on malt and malting to me.  We each signed up for our preferred topics, then Les assigned one topic to each student and set the date for their presentation.  Mine was the very first. I was beyond nervous, and of course had work conflicts that seriously impinged the time I had to think this through.  Out of the generosity of his heart and quite possibly to ease the panic in my face, Les shared with me a PowerPoint presentation he and Guy Allan created for another class.  I did put an eleventh-hour presentation together and survived talking to other homebrewers about something half of them probably knew as well as their own names.  I’m sharing both my presentation and Les and Guy’s (I asked permission first) because they’re full of basic, useful information about what malt is, how it’s made, why we use it for beer, and what it has to offer to the brewing process.

a round plate divided into wedges, each full of a different kind of malt
Ah, the colors of malt!

Malts, by Les White and Guy Allan  June2012_Malts

The handout I rather hastily made for class  MALT Handout 03102013EPayne

The Goodness of Malt to go with the handout

Have I mentioned that the Maryland Homebrew Warehouse is letting us use their space for this eleven-week git-together?  I know it’s good for business to invest in the beer community and all, but they didn’t have to do this.  Many thanks to them!



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