Chicks and Beer: Chicks hate beer bloat

woman with long hair wearing jeans and tank top

I’m taking a look at some possible reasons the beer industry is failing to entice more women into the fold.  This one is significant enough that Molson Coors tried to address it.  They released a bloat-resistant beer targeted for female drinkers.  Called Animée, it’ll soon be off the market entirely, another case of a megabrewcorp getting the question of why more women don’t drink beer wrong.    Animée was designed to be less gassy and lighter tasting (lighter tasting than what? Coors or Molson? Why bother?).  It came in three pretty flavors: Clear Filtered, Crisp Rosé, and Zesty Lemon.

Apparently, Molson Coors forgot to make Animée taste like beer.

Women are suspicious of a beer that seems so contrived.  See, there’s that patronizing thing again.  Chicks really hate that. They’re looking for a beer that tastes good.  It sounds so simple, but…

Bloating and weight gain are a real concern for a lot of women.  It’s another reason a lot of women don’t choose beer instead of wine or liquor.  American order phentermine 37.5 online women are very aware of their weight (whether they watch it, don’t watch it, or just think they should).   Guys, if you really wonder why this is such a big deal, look around at your beer-drinking buddies.  Count the bellies.

Subjectively speaking, beer fills up your belly; the carbonation alone is worth a dress size or two by the end of the night.  If a woman is all dolled up wearing tight jeans for your viewing pleasure, she’s going to be less excited about having more beer.  Then there’s waiting in line at the ladies’ room; it is not easy to get those skintight Saturday-night-special jeans zipped back up.  This is one of the secret successes of cocktails: a woman can wear a corset and a skintight leather miniskirt and drink martinis or Cosmopolitans all night long – the worst worry she’ll have is falling off her heels.  Two beers, and suddenly her corset laces hurt and she wants to go home.


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