Month: January 2013

three beers matched with cupcakes

How would you pair a chocolate dessert with a beer?

Let us think for a moment about how to pair a chocolate dessert with a beer – or for that matter, any chocolate anything with a beer, though there aren’t [..]

dessert in chocolate sauce and a glass of ale

Favorite examples of a great beer/chocolate pairing

Today’s question for our guest panel is about beer and chocolate pairings.  With the growing number of pairing dinners, where each course is served with the perfectly matched beverage, there [..]

two glasses of wine side by side, one red and one white

Aroma and Bouquet in Wine and Beer, and Suggestion for Evaluating Beer

I got into a conversation with Peter Barclay last night on aroma vs. bouquet for wines and beers.   For wines it’s relatively straightforward – well, defining it is; experiencing it [..]

clear mug with light beer and a lot of head

Chicks and Beer: Beer is Marketed to Men

I’m looking at some of the reasons why the beer industry has had such a hard time selling more beer to women. Big, Big Problem:  Traditional beer marketing has not [..]

New Belgium brewery logo of girl on bicycle

Chicks and Beer: Chicks Watch Their Weight

I’m thinking about possible stumbling blocks that might explain why the beer industry has not been able to make inroads on the “women’s market”.  One of them, of course, is [..]

woman with long hair wearing jeans and tank top

Chicks and Beer: Chicks hate beer bloat

I’m taking a look at some possible reasons the beer industry is failing to entice more women into the fold.  This one is significant enough that Molson Coors tried to [..]

Galena hop cone

Chicks and Beer: Chicks dig stouts and you stock IPA

I’m taking a look at some possible reasons the beer industry has failed so spectacularly to market beer to women, in an honest effort to increase market share. It’s a [..]

tart cherries in a pile

Cherry Blues

It’s going to be a tough year for cherry melomels, cherry wheat beer, cherry lambic, and (sob!) cherry pie. I have a cherry mel in secondary that needs a boost.  [..]

head and shoulders of Martyn Cornell
head and shoulders of Martyn Cornell