Easy Spiced Cider SO much better than the kits!

mug of apple cider with cinnamon stick, with fresh apples behind

Curling up with a mug of steaming mulled cider is a lovely thing this chilly, dank time of year, but I beg you, don’t get those silly, frilly, expensive  little kits to make your cider with.  Making showstopping spiced cider is stupid easy and much less expensive than getting a little bag with too many difference spices that muddy the flavor and have added sugar besides.  Seriously.  Good spiced cider is easy.

For a gallon of store-bought apple cider:

1.5 sticks cinnamon

3-5 cloves (5 is a lot)

half an orange – squeeze all the juice out of it into the cider that you can, then drop the remaining pulp and peel into the cider.

Brandy for serving (optional)

Of course I try to get some local  apple juice/cider, ’cause I live in good apple country, and without preservatives just on principle.

The Pot I use a crockpot because it will keep a low, even temperature for hours.  If you don’t mind keeping an eye on it, buy ativan without no prescription, you can use a pot on the stove.  Just try not to let this actually simmer.

Alternate Method  I suppose you could make a tea of the spices, but I don’t bother – I just drop them in the cider, put the lid on and (because I’m using a crockpot) turn the dial to “Low”.  And walk away.

Serving  Do strain out the spice debris when you’re ladling this into a mug to serve. A tablespoon of brandy is a nice fortifier, though absolutely not necessary.

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