Bottled Winter Warmers and Spiced Drinks

glass of warm spice wine with cinnamon and star anise leaning against the cup, all resting on satin

This is my first cut on a list of winter warmers – spiced beer, cider, mead, or wine, commercially made and bottled for you.  There are 22 meads, 20 hard ciders, 105 beers, and 17 wines – though to be fair, some of the wines are country (apple) wines, nary a grape passed their bottlenecks.  I wasn’t sure how to group those and there are only two or three of them, so I left ’em in with their more elegant cousins.

Now YOU, my readers: if you try a spiced order xanax no prescription package beer, cider, mead or wine that isn’t on this list, please pretty please send me the maker and label so I can add it to this!  I am so sure there are more out there.  Of course, we will all be mulling our own cider and ale and wine in this chilly season,  but then we’re clever, crafty people.  When we go out with our friends it’s nice to know we can  get our hands on a bottle of seasonal spice.

This is an Excel workbook:

Holiday Warmers


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  1. Here’s a couple more for you.
    Hangar 24 Winter Warmer
    Karl Strauss Mouette À Trois

    Also Three French Hens is no longer available from The Bruery, that was their release 2 years ago.

    I’ll update my favorites later, tonight we are doing a winter warmer bottle share!


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