Hump Day Haiku

poet Yoshida Kenko bent over a low table studying a scroll

Every now and then, serious academic study trips over sheer delight.  Thus it was I found the Beer Haiku website: a daily haiku submitted by readers.  As near as I can tell, the editor (Captain Hops) took a break and the site never picked up speed again, but there are some haiku posts from as recently as February 25, 2012, so it’s not dead, either.  Among the haiku with the highest reader ratings, here’s one from Captain Hops himself:

  Investing in beer

While the Stock Market crashes 

Still brings high returns.

The art/picture that goes with this is very pleasant, and I won’t try to copy it here; you’ll have to follow the link to their website to see it.  There’s also a short explanation of bear markets in case you’re unsure of the reference.

Captain Hops again, June 17, 2010:

Insult, injury

Alone at a hotel bar

With terrible beer.

I have written a haiku and sent it to Captain Hops, to see if he’ll still publish a new one.  That was only a couple of days ago; it hasn’t shown up yet.  There are plenty to browse, so if you’re feeling a little low, let your mind rest in the garden of beer haiku.  It’s pleasant wandering.

Writing beer haiku,

While waiting at a green light,

The cars are honking.

(Gary Arnold)

Remember, haiku are written in three lines, with five syllables on the first, seven on the second and five on the third.  Captain Hops has suggestions about theme and style in case you’re rusty (I was).

The one I submitted:

Beer and its making

The long river of malt pours

Joy to mind and tongue.

You saw it here first!

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