Holiday Brews: Spiced Wine

New beverages are pouring out of the woodwork to help you celebrate whatever aspect of the holidays you like.  Back at Hallowe’en, I put together a list of all the pumpkin beers I could find.  Now I’m going to do the same for holiday spiced beverages – spiced wines, spiced ales, spiced meads, and spiced ciders.  They have to be spiced, and released specifically for this time of year.

I expect we’ll be looking at the indirect source of an increase in the stock price of McCormick’s and Schilling’s and anyone else who trades in cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

A preliminary, very short dip-my-toe-in look at spiced beers came up with 94 of them!!!  I could be in some trouble here, so I’ll start with spiced wines, which are a much shorter list so far.  I’m asking for your help. If you try a bottled, commercially available spiced wine, send me the vineyard and beverage name, would you?  State of origin is nice but I can probably look it up if I have the other two.Mug hodling golden liquid with cinnamon sticks, cloves, and a bit of apple

If you web-search order tramadol 50 mg, spiced wine, you get dozens of hypocras/mulled wine recipes.  Of course Bud’s Glogg is probably the best of them (unless you have a strong family tradition for another recipe; if you’ve never made spiced wine, try Bud’s first), but a few intrepid entrepreneurs are actually making spiced wine and bottling it for you.  Here’s who I’ve found so far:

Brotherhood Holiday Spiced Wine New York
MountHope Estate & Winery NV Holiday Spice Wine (NV is vintage) PA
Ferrante Celebration Spice OH
Duplin Winery Naughty & Nice NC
Duplin Winery Christmas Eve NC
Duplin Winery Christmas Wine NC
Duplin Winery Just Naughty NC
Montelle Winery St. Wenceslaus MO
Sakonnet Vineyard Holiday Spice RI
Virginia Mountain Vineyard Holiday Spice VA
Lynfred Winery Spiced Wine IL
Bergdforf Cellars Gluhwein WA

So send ’em in and keep ’em coming.  Let’s see how many we can find.  I’ll post the list of beers in a day or two; I still have to compile the ist of ciders and meads.

I’m thinking of adding a badge to the file – for best name, for starters.  The preliminary beer list has me yawning at the mere mention of “Christmas Ale” or “Winter Warmer”.  Hmmmm, what shall we reward them for?

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