Month: December 2012

round pendant with three enamel ravens in 7th century Anglo-Saxon gold

Maybe, maybe not: Beer, Ale, Mead and Wine in Anglo-Saxon England

Beowulf, Bede, Aelfric’s Colloquy – in Anglo-Saxon, there are four words for fermented beverages, and lots and lots of descriptions of what happens when one drinks too much.  The four [..]

corner of the tenth-century manuscript of the Book of Taliesin in Middle Welsh

Taliesin on Mead

The Book of Taliesin is a late Middle Welsh version of the ales of Gwion Bach and Taliesin, mostly around the court of Maelgyn Gynedd.  It was written in the 1550s, the same [..]

Hobbiton landscape

Hollywood bully quashes use of Hobbit references

Drinks labels featuring hobbits, dwarves, let’s see what I can find…the answer? Much less than I expected. I bet there are a lot of beers and ciders on tap with [..]

three cider apples on a branch
Flag showing a maltese cross and half a shield of vertical lines

Brother Adams’ Lalvin D-21: what is terroir yeast?

The inestimable Brother Adam, standard-setting meadmaker, preferred Montpellier Lalvin d-21 yeast, and was unhappy when it became unavailable in smaller-than-commercial lots for a while.  I’ve never used D-21, and wondered [..]

mug of apple cider with cinnamon stick, with fresh apples behind
A man smelling the wine in his glass

Enjoying your trip to a winetasting room

So you’re about to walk into a wine tasting room.  Maybe you’ve never been, maybe you’ve done this before but never been quite sure how it’s supposed to go: do [..]

Michael Jackson the beer god holding a glass of brown beer aloft

Gods of Beer, Gods of Whiskey: Michael Jackson

I will not lie: every time I see a reference to Michael Jackson, I think of the King of Pop.  This is ridiculous.  Michael Jackson – journalist, book author, holder [..]