Ten Things About Making Beer

Observations more than rules…more like guidelines, really.  Or not.  Hardly in any order:

10.  You can never know everything there is to know about beer.

9.   No matter how often you’ve made beer, and how careful and precise your methods are, beer can still sometimes surprise you.

8.  You may think you know what kinds of beer you prefer, but it’s possible that someone creative will make a beer so extraordinary that you’re stunned by it even though it’s one of the styles you say you never like.

7.  Beer is the most complicated homebrew to make (compared to wines and meads).

glass, beer bottle, dump bucket. and beer bloggers sign in the background
Beers can always surprise you.

6.  You really do have to pay attention to the laws of chemistry and biology to make good beer.  There is no way around it.

5.  We can only guess what the goals and standards were for beer in previous centuries.

4.  Beer recipes are hard to follow.  You can rewrite them any way you want, and add all the reminders and notes you wish until you get used to the usual formats.

3.  There are always good stories to tell involving beer, past and present.  And we are grateful for that.

2.  Complicated, fussy, “accessorized”  beer recipes (vanilla chocolate chili bourbon barrel porter) are an indicator that the brewer is probably a beginner.  Any beer can be pretty to look at.  Really accomplished brewers get elegant simplicity (which may taste complex)  and beautiful flavor integration.

1.  It is always easier to rack with a friend.

two shelves, one above the other, with variously labelled beer bottles
A Quest!

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