Giving Thanks for Homebrewing, 2012

woman having honey poured on her face

I have tons and tons to be grateful for – but why am I grateful for homebrewing?  Some thoughts, not in any particular order:

I’m grateful for almost all the people I’ve met through home brew.  The national motto is “Relax, Don’t Worry, Have a Homebrew”, and it shows.  I may not agree with your politics or your view of the world, but we’re likely to coexist all right, and most of you are folks I actually like.



A rectangle of honeycomb, sliced at one end oozing honey

I’m very, very grateful for the brewers I’ve met through the SCA, a medieval enactment group that spans the world.  Y’all geek like I do on the stories and on figuring out how people really did things hundreds of years ago.  You’re a great group to hang out with, people I genuinely enjoy and look forward to seeing.  Too, I’m a much better brewer now because of you all.  You motivate and encourage me.


piles of different malts, corresponding liquid malt, and their beers

I’m grateful for this blog, which is gently challenging my writing, research, and web/technical skills.  I love to write, but it’s been a long hard road coming back from the head injury. This has provided a great venue to reach out to people, to learn new things, and to practice, buy phentermine without prescription practice, practice finding the words.  I’m beginning to think I will be able to speak in public again something like as well as I used to.



a head of barley resting on someone's fingers, in the sun


I’m grateful that I’m good at brewing.  I’m not the best, but I can hold my own.  I can make beverages people enjoy.   I enjoy getting more and more skilled.  Craftsmanship is its own reward in a lot of ways.



rows of hops on tall strands in a farm field
Oh to walk among these on a hot morning. Imagine the smell!


I’m grateful to be able to enjoy the smells and the visual effects of brewing.  The light through a glass of brown ale with a hint of red; the many glowing colors of honey and mead; the perfect symmetry of bubbles in a creamy head; the smell of fresh malt or honey – the act of brewing is a sensual pleasure.  There was a time after the accident when I couldn’t really feel anything; now I can smell and see and taste, enjoy, and be glad.

brunette reclining in lingerie with glass of red wine
Relax, Don’t Worry. Did I mention I make wine too?


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