Thor Ewing shares a riddle

Barley standing n the field will become malt

Historical Storyteller Thor Ewing posted this on his website back in 2002 – another supposedly from the Exeter Book, originally in Anglo-Saxon. Thor Ewing telling a story dressed as a Saxon I’m beginning to think its riddles are infinite, though there are only ninety-five recorded.  Either that or all they could think about was drinking.

Now, when I go search the Codex I never find these – thank goodness for the community of interest!  And thanks to Thor for sharing this.  Who knows the answer?  I’ll accept a simple one, though you could be pretty specific if you wanted.

A part of the world  is wonderfully rigged
With the hardest,  and with the sharpest,
And with the grimmest  of people’s goods —
Reaped and heaped,  racked and stacked,
Wound and bound,  ground and pounded,
Kilned and milled,  moved from afar
To the doors of men.  The joy of the living
Is left inside it;  it lingers and clings;
Where once when alive  for so long a while
It tasted its pleasure  and yet never spoke,
Now that it’s dead,  it begins to gabble
And to mouth off on everything.  It is for the wisest
Of wise to think  what thing this is.

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