Pumpkin Ales

Updated 11/19/2012: Got some new beers on the list.  Pumpkin-beers 11182012

Update 11/07/12: Thanks to Mike Knauer and Carl Swan, who helped me ID some dups on the spreadsheet and add a couple of new beers.  Pumpkin beers as of 11/07/2012

Last week I tweeted, “I was going to do a survey of pumpkin beers, but there are so many nowadays”.

The Beer Bloggers Conference, @beerbloggers, whom I heart, responded with “even just a list of all of the pumpkin #craftbeer out there would be neat to see”.

Well, damn.

So here’s a list of 279 Pumpkin beers I’ve been able to find since then, as an Excel spreadsheet because that seems to be the easiest format from which to do anything else you might want to do.  Granted, this list comes just from browsing about; I haven’t tried to dig up any master list of craft beers from a national  association or anything. I don’t even know if such a list exists, though it wouldn’t surprise me.  I  know this list is not complete because the perfectly lovely pumpkin gueuze I had at the Dupont Circle Pizza Paradiso a week or so ago is not on it.

I am fairly certain I’ve deleted all the duplicates, but a couple in here could be fooling me.  If you see some, let me know.  What may look like separate version – a pumpkin ale vs. a casked imperial pumpkin ale by the same brewery – could be my mistakes made in ignorance instead.  I have not attempted thorough market research on every one of these.

When you find the ones where you can actually taste pumpkin, and let me know, will you?  And if you have a favorite pumpkin beer that’s not on this list, cheap 1mg xanax, let me know and I’ll add it.

Here’s what I notice about the names, having just combed through them:

“Pumpkin Ale” – bo-ring!

Thematic names good and bad – “Boo Brew” is ok, as is “Jack’s Lantern” – but not exciting. “Ghoul Fuel” is kinda cute.  There are a couple of references to Ichabod, which I like though I’m not sure I can say why.

Pumpkin aliases – “Sasquash”, “Biere de Gourd” very fun.  “Kaiser Kurbis” is ok, but “Magna Cucurbita” is trying too hard (props on the historical reference, though).  Tap 3.14 (pi) is also stretching a little far to be memorable.

Cutesy is right out – “Pumple Drumpkin” sets my teeth on edge.

Regionalisms – “Fermentation without Representation” – in Washington, DC, where they cannot vote except for national Federal elections (’cause they’re not a state, you see), that’s highly topical.

Sweet Potato porter sounds well worth trying out!

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  1. Hardywood Park Brewery – Farmhouse Pumpkin Ale, a Saisson brewed with local pumpkins and spices. One of the best pumpkin beers I’ve ever had; you can definitely taste the pumpkin.

  2. Looks like you’ve got Shock Top on there twice as well as Shipyard Brewing Pumpkinhead Ale.

    I’ve also got one to add to the list:
    Appalachian Brewing Company – Pumpkin Mash Ale

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