Can you answer this riddle?

Medieval man writing on a stand
 Can you answer this riddle?
I am man’s treasure, taken from the woods,
Cliff-sides, hill-slopes, valleys, downs;
By day wings bear me in the buzzing air,
Slip me under a sheltering roof-sweet craft.
Soon a man bears me to a tub. Bathed,
I am binder and scourge of men, bring down
The young, ravage the old, sap strength.
Soon he discovers who wrestles with me
My fierce body-rush-I roll fools
Flush on the ground. Robbed of strength,
Reckless of speech, a man knows no power
Over buy ambien from us hands, feet, mind.
tramadol no prescription us pharmacyWho am I who bind
Men on middle-earth, blinding with rage?
Fools know my dark power by daylight.
 Here’s the Old English:
Ic eom weorð werum,     wide funden,
brungen of bearwum     ond of burghleoþum,
of denum ond of dunum.     Dæges mec wægun
feþre on lifte,     feredon mid liste
under hrofes hleo.     Hæleð mec siþþan
baþedan in bydene.     Nu ic eom bindere
ond swingere,     sona weorpe
esne to eorþan,     hwilum ealdne ceorl.
Sona þæt onfindeð,     se þe mec fehð ongean,
ond wið mægenþisan     minre genæsteð,
þæt he hrycge sceal     hrusan secan,
gif he unrædes     ær ne geswiceð,
strengo bistolen,     strong on spræce,
mægene binumen –     nah his modes geweald,
fota ne folma.     Frige hwæt ic hatte,
ðe on eorþan swa     esnas binde,
dole æfter dyntum     be dæges leohte.

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