Month: November 2012

Ten Things About Making Beer

Observations more than rules…more like guidelines, really.  Or not.  Hardly in any order: 10.  You can never know everything there is to know about beer. 9.   No matter how often [..]

picture of dried yeast such as can be used for brewing

Safale S-04 a top fermenter or bottom fermenter?

When I wrote about making a sparkling ginger mead using Safale S-04 (Fermentis) ale yeast, Carl Swan quite rightly pointed out that I’d said it was a bottom-fermenter, when traditionally [..]

glass carboy with airlock, golden liquid and a lot of foam; it's working

Sparkling Ginger Mead

This is a recipe in progress for a sparkling ginger mead.  I’m adding all my thought processes and decisions here.  I’m making it for my friend Cynthia, unless she tells [..]

clear mug with light beer and a lot of head

Historical fermented beverages

 JoAnna Carrozzino asked me to write a post about the kinds of period beer.  Historical fermented beverage types…funny you should ask…I just whipped off a couple of very quick paper topics to [..]

Medieval man sitting at banquet with glass of hypocrasin his hand

Bud’s Glögg (gløgg) (glug)

I guess it’s not too soon before Christmas to share the very best recipe for hot spiced wine I know. I make a single gallon of this at Christmastime every [..]

Roman glass beaker with elaborate glasswork around it

Drink Like A Roman

If you like Roman history, you’ve probably heard they drank wine.  At the high point of the Roman empire’s history of wine, around the first century AD, it has been [..]

Three Baccarat glasses in different sizes

Etiquette of drinking when you’re with someone in AA

Thanksgiving was lovely, thank you for asking.  Thinking over it, there is something I’ve never quite settled with myself comfortably.  My aunt, who hosted, has been in AA successfully for so [..]

woman having honey poured on her face

Giving Thanks for Homebrewing, 2012

I have tons and tons to be grateful for – but why am I grateful for homebrewing?  Some thoughts, not in any particular order: I’m grateful for almost all the people [..]

logo for Brouwerij Bosteels

Kwak: Caramel, malt, dark fruit, but how do you hold that wood thing?

I have a bottle of Kwak beer waiting for me at home.  Kwak is a maple-syrup red/brown, with a lovely eggshell-colored, just-off-white head that lasts a while and leaves lovely [..]

Ardagh chalice in silver and gold with much knotwork and some gems

Ancient Law: Ireland, Beer and Mead, Malt and Honey

The Irish were great ones for writing their laws down, and the many existing law-texts, whole or in fragments,  give us enticing glimpses of how things were done as far [..]

A pile of apples, each different from the other

Hard Cider Apples

News flash for some folks: you can make apple juice from any apple, but you can’t make good hard cider – I mean the fermented stuff – from just anything. [..]