Gruit recipe from BaltiBrew

Baltimore Brew Festival hosted a Gruit Baltimore Beer Week logo with crabAle competition last night.  I asked whether they would post their recipes on their website – don’t have an answer yet.  One of the competitors did send me his.  Good gruit is hard to find, so I thought I’d share.

  Ryan Boddy’s Gruit

   My beer went thusly:

Base malts:
17 lbs of 2 row base malt
6 lbs of rye malt

Sparge only malts:
1.25 lbs of Carafa
8 oz. of Special B

Strike temp was 149F for a half hour
Decocted twice, once at strike + 30, one at strike + 15.

First wort “hopped” with
1 oz of wormwood
1 oz of yarrow
half oz of mugwort

Boiled for an hour.
Knockout addition of
half ounce of yarrow
half ounce of mugwort
once of heather tips

“hop-backed” through freshly cut birch branches, leaves and bark.

Fermented with wyeast 1007 for 10 days.
Dry “hopped” with 1 ounce of birch bark.

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