Foodie Radio Show Talks King Midas Beer

bottle of Midas Touch beerThis past Sunday, NPR’s radio show The Splendid Table included Dr. Pat McGovern talking about King Midas’ funerary beer (a modern adaptation is Midas Touch by Dogfish Head). Phrygian stone carving of king and dignitary You can listen to it, download it, or subscribe to it from the show’s website.  Dr. McGovern talks about his book, Uncorking the Past, which I often cite in my historical writing.  OK, to be a complete geek, I have to point out that buy zolpidem no prescription we’re not 100% sure whether the tomb is Midas’ or his father’s, King Gordios.  At least we think Gordios was king – things get a bit shadowy there.  Gordios is by legend responsible for the famous Gordian knot, famously solved by Alexander of Macedon.  But if all of that doesn’t make you want to try Midas Touch, think of saffron and honey beer.  There, that did it, didn’t it?

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  1. Lynn talks quite a lot about beer on the splendid table. There was also an panel a while ago on NPR that talked about some new kind of grain that they were growing in Idaho and one of the panelists talked about the beer that she and her researcher assistants made with it. I cannot find the talk on their website now, but it was kind of interesting!

    Unfortunately I think DFH brews a lot of beers with interesting ingredients to up the price, but uses such trace amounts that it still just tastes like normal beer. I’m of the opinion that if you use exotic ingredients, (and charge your customers for them) you should be able to taste them. Theobroma is my prime poster child for this.


    • My jury’s still out on Theobroma – when I can get some again this spring I want to do an Ancient Ales tasting. I love DFH’s Ancient Ales line (most of their beers are way too hoppy for me), but I agree in general – I want to be able to discern the specialty ingredients. They’re part of the historical coolth factor.

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