Month: September 2012

braggot or stout

Women of Homebrewing Unite! Event Oct 16 2012

I just got this very intriguing notice from Maryland Homebrew Warehouse, one of my local esteemed homebrew supplies.  They’re having a women’s event that’s a benefit for the Women’s Law [..]

Brewers’ Roundtable at this weekend’s event

For you medievalists who might be able to actually attend, and all you crazy brewers who like getting together with other brewers to see what’s shakin’, may I recommend this [..]

DuClaw Real Ale Fest logo

Happiness is a Real Ale Fest

Yesterday’s beer fest at DuClaw Bel Air was exactly the kind of tasting festival I most enjoy.  First, the weather was lovely, or what passes for lovely in this part [..]

DuClaw Real Ale Fest logo

DuClaw Real Ale Fest is gonna be Fun Fun Fun

I was really looking forward to the DuClaw Real Ale Fest in Maryland on Saturday.  21 breweries, free food, and a band, DuClaw’s own brand of humor.  Besides, they let [..]

White House Honey Porter and Honey Ale

The White House has finally released the recipes for President Obama’s Honey Porter and Honey Ale, made with honey from the beehives on the South Lawn.  The White House is [..]