Power and Persona: Constructing an Online Voice for Professionals

Joyce Johnston is an internationally recognized presenter on digital rights, online curriculum and pedagogy.  A professor at George Mason University, she also is a National Board high school teacher.  I find her thoughtful, insightful, and sometimes really funny.  She has a great deal of practical knowledge of how good teaching works.  When she gave this paper in Bilbao, Spain, I knew I wanted a copy.

This paper was published in The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society in 2011, and I have her gracious permission to reprint it here.  I sort of have an in – Joyce Johnston is my sister.

Here’s the paper abstract:

Behind every online course, every assignment and academic home page lives an instructor whose online klonopin online persona is an essential but generally unacknowledged part of the student experience. To construct his or her virtual identity, the teacher needs to consciously manipulate basic graphic design, define his or her level of institutional affiliation, model a desirable level of formality, determine the amount and type of virtual interaction with students, establish norms for civil behavior online and, finally, exhibit behaviors typical of a caring, involved instructor. This paper explores the importance of each of these activities while identifying resources outside of academic publishing, notably in graphic arts, web design and marketing, to assist in articulating an appropriate online persona.

And now, the paper itself (862 mg, .pdf format):

Power and Persona: Constructing an Online Voice for Professionals

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