Month: August 2012

A beer and a laptop

Beer Bloggers Conference #6: Live Blogging Madness

Indianapolis, July 2012  The format is pretty simple.  A room of 120 beer bloggers seated at tables of six to eight people, laptops live.  One or two reps from each [..]


The Hobbit: beer, ale, mead and wine references in the text

What did the thirteen  dwarves, Gandalf, and Mr. Bilbo Baggins drink in The Hobbit?  Here are the references to beer, ale, porter, mead and wine.  I am seeing ever more [..]

Power and Persona: Constructing an Online Voice for Professionals

Joyce Johnston is an internationally recognized presenter on digital rights, online curriculum and pedagogy.  A professor at George Mason University, she also is a National Board high school teacher.  I [..]

a grassy field bordered by many canvas tents

Medieval Summer Camp and thinking about beer

I’m back home from medieval summer camp (where I and ten thousand of my closest friends re-create camps and life in different eras prior to 1600 AD, complete with battles, [..]