Month: June 2012

a bee drinking from a puddle

Books for Brewers: Bees and Honey

Bees and honey are amazing.  They are little honey-producing machines, and honey is an astonishing substance used in quite a variety of functions, from feeding an entire colony of larvae [..]

Marsden Hartley graphic "Handsome Drinks"

Books for Brewers: Historical Brewing Secondary Sources

Most recently updated Aug. 18. 2015 Here is my list of historical brewing secondary sources; the references I reach for regularly.  I’ve already posted my personal list of primary sources [..]

Medieval book from Yale Law Library

Cherry Pyment

This has taken two silver medals so far this season (Merrimack valley Homebrew Competition and Meadlennium in Florida) and just helped me win the coveted title at the SCA event known as the Baronial [..]

Blood Orange Cordial

This year I made a modern Blood Orange Cordial.  Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it?  I made it for historic competitions. Blood oranges, C. sinensis, were first discovered and cultivated in 15th century Sicily (the region [..]